Clostermann Entertainment - Magical: Tree Giant for Gasometer Oberhausen

For its "Magical Places" exhibition, the event center and industrial monument Gasometer has commissioned Clostermann Entertainment to create a giant tree replica.

With its spectacular exhibitions and events, the Gasometer is more than an industrial monument. Since two decades, it has developed into the landmark and the entire RUHR region's identification sign that cannot be overlooked. Built in the late 1920's, Europe's largest disc-type gas holder is an impressive reminder of the heavy industry that characterized the Ruhr for more than a century. The coming exhibition “Magical Places” is a journey around the world to the World Heritage Sites of architectural and natural masterpieces and monuments. It is supported by the German UNESCO Commission.

The tree is going to be 40 meters high and is a highly realistic replica of a rain forest tree. It will be the central spectacular exhibit of the coming 2011 Gasometer exhibition “Magical Places” to move and amaze visitors in the 100-m-high interior of the Gasometer.

Already the single branches of the tree are between 11 m and 13 m long, with the whole tree top spanning about 23m in diameter. After the general structure has been completed at the manufacturing facilities of Clostermann Entertainment in Ettlingen in January, Clostermann’s finishing specialists will continue to attach a total of 30,000 leaves and branches manually on site at the Gasometer. Even with most of the structure sculpted from styrofoam as the lightest suitable material, the whole tree will still weigh about 6.5 t with just the tree top at 2.2t.

Wolfgang Volz from Gasometer Oberhausen has created the plans for the exhibition and the 40-meter high sculpture: “This giant rain forest tree stands for the monumental “Tree of Life” as a symbol of the beauty, fertility and vulnerability of the eternal cycle of nature.

Is it going to be the largest realistic tree replica of the world? The record application with Guiness World Records has been submitted.

Gigantic "Rain Forest Tree" for "Magical Places" exhibiton by Wolfgang Volz, Gasometer Oberhausen

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