KMG has announced the sale of a "Fire Ball" at Morey's Piers Boardwalk

The Dutch manufacturer KMG, the specialist of fairground attractions, has announced today that it sold a "Fire Ball" ride at Morey's Piers Boardwalk amusement park in Wildwood, New Jersey (USA).

The "Fire Ball" is a "Aterburner" non-transportable designed to be installed in amusement parks. The attraction combines a swinging motion (up to 24 meters high and 120 ° in amplitude) and a rotating platform where gondolas (6 of 4 seats for a total of 24 passengers) are facing each others.

© KMG (Click to enlarge)
The attraction will have a new type of harness specially designed by KMG engineers and Morey's Piers team. For the first time, the classic shoulder restraints will be replaced by lap-bars. This will allow passengers to enjoy the ride with more thrills and a greater freedom of movement while remaining perfectly safe for children and adults.

This new security system will be officially presented on the KMG booth at the next IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida (Booth No. 4848). It will also be installed on another project of the company called "Mission Space", a fairground attraction, which we do not yet know the details!

The Morey's Piers Boardwalk's "Fire Ball"  will be built and delivered in March 2011 for an opening in the spring.