KMG unveils its new restraint system and a brand new ride: Mission Space

During the IAAPA Trade Expo which was held from November 15 to November 19 in Orlando, KMG has unveiled on its booth its two last innovations that will be launched in 2011 and which we already spoke several weeks ago on NewsParcs (see over here).

The first is a new restraint system for the Fire Ball ride (also called Afterburner) that was sold to the amusement park Morey's Pier. Developed jointly by KMG and park engineers at their request, the system replaces the conventional over-the-shoulder restraint by a brand new lapbar.

The advantages of this new restraint are many: it is less bulky, more comfortable, fits for a larger number of people (corpulent adults, children, etc.) and allows a greater freedom of movement for passengers! And the thrills experienced on board will be increased tenfold by the replacement of the over-the-shoulder restraint, under conditions of perfectly equal security.

Technically, the restraint will be locked in two movements. The passenger begins with belittling the lapbar to the left or right (depending on seats) before pulling back to tighten. A double hydraulic system will prevent the ride from starting its cycle if one of them is not properly closed. The handles on the sides of each seat, allowing passengers to hold onto, have been redesigned to better suit particular children.

Here are two graphics of this new system, on the gondolas of Morey's Pier's Fire Ball:

The new restraint system. © KMG (Click to enlarge)

The second innovation is the creation of a new thrillride called "Mission Space". This was designed on behalf of the showmen Kroon family in the Netherlands and will be the tallest transportable thrillride in the world.

The ride consists of a mast about 62 meters high supported by 6 supports, two boarding platforms located on either side, and two arms at the end of which a gondola is suspended by cables. Upon departure, a hydraulic cylinder lifts the top of the mast to bring the gondolas to a height of about 75 meters. An engine, located at the base of the structure, rotates the mast itself, while another mechanical device moves the arms up and down over a wingspan of about 10 meters. With the combined effects of centrifugal force and movement up-down, the gondolas swing left to right while making repeated plunge.

Here's a concept art with a design study for the decoration:

Mission Space concept art © KMG (Click to enlarge)

Each gondola can accommodate 10 passengers in two rows of 5, for a total of 20 persons on the ride. The seats will be equipped with the new lapbar restraint which we spoke above.

KMG highlights the ease of installation of the ride, which despite its size, requires only 4 semi trailers, 6 people and 4 to 6 hours of assembly, without necessitating a crane.

Currently under construction, Mission Space will officially be inaugurated in April 2011 in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. The ride will travel later to Tilburg (Netherlands) and to the Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany), among other cities.

If the prototype of Mission Space has been designed primarily for travelling, the company has nevertheless indicated that it also wished to draw amusement parks by offering a park version.

Finally, we note that KMG has announced the sale of a X-Factory for the american showman Jim Drew.

KMG team on the IAAPA Trade Expo 2010 booth © KMG
(Click to enlarge)

Sources and images: © KMG
Article by: François Mayné

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