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KMG unveils its new restraint system and a brand new ride: Mission Space

During the IAAPA Trade Expo which was held from November 15 to November 19 in Orlando, KMG has unveiled on its booth its two last innovations that will be launched in 2011 and which we already spoke several weeks ago on NewsParcs (see over here).

The first is a new restraint system for the Fire Ball ride (also called Afterburner) that was sold to the amusement park Morey's Pier. Developed jointly by KMG and park engineers at their request, the system replaces the conventional over-the-shoulder restraint by a brand new lapbar.

The advantages of this new restraint are many: it is less bulky, more comfortable, fits for a larger number of people (corpulent adults, children, etc.) and allows a greater freedom of movement for passengers! And the thrills experienced on board will be increased tenfold by the replacement of the over-the-shoulder restraint, under conditions of perfectly equal security.

Technically, the restraint will be locked in two movements. The passenger begins with belittling the lapbar to the left or right (depending on seats) before pulling back to tighten. A double hydraulic system will prevent the ride from starting its cycle if one of them is not properly closed. The handles on the sides of each seat, allowing passengers to hold onto, have been redesigned to better suit particular children.

Here are two graphics of this new system, on the gondolas of Morey's Pier's Fire Ball:

The new restraint system. © KMG (Click to enlarge)

The second innovation is the creation of a new thrillride called "Mission Space". This was designed on behalf of the showmen Kroon family in the Netherlands and will be the tallest transportable thrillride in the world.

The ride consists of a mast about 62 meters high supported by 6 supports, two boarding platforms located on either side, and two arms at the end of which a gondola is suspended by cables. Upon departure, a hydraulic cylinder lifts the top of the mast to bring the gondolas to a height of about 75 meters. An engine, located at the base of the structure, rotates the mast itself, while another mechanical device moves the arms up and down over a wingspan of about 10 meters. With the combined effects of centrifugal force and movement up-down, the gondolas swing left to right while making repeated plunge.

Here's a concept art with a design study for the decoration:

Mission Space concept art © KMG (Click to enlarge)

Each gondola can accommodate 10 passengers in two rows of 5, for a total of 20 persons on the ride. The seats will be equipped with the new lapbar restraint which we spoke above.

KMG highlights the ease of installation of the ride, which despite its size, requires only 4 semi trailers, 6 people and 4 to 6 hours of assembly, without necessitating a crane.

Currently under construction, Mission Space will officially be inaugurated in April 2011 in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. The ride will travel later to Tilburg (Netherlands) and to the Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany), among other cities.

If the prototype of Mission Space has been designed primarily for travelling, the company has nevertheless indicated that it also wished to draw amusement parks by offering a park version.

Finally, we note that KMG has announced the sale of a X-Factory for the american showman Jim Drew.

KMG team on the IAAPA Trade Expo 2010 booth © KMG
(Click to enlarge)

Sources and images: © KMG
Article by: François Mayné

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Interview with Clostermann Entertainment Group

Clostermann Entertainment is a German company specialized in designing animatronics, theming and scenery primarily for dark rides and attractions with special effects. Recently, the company has worked to design special effects for the interactive haunted house "The House" with Alterface. We have also seen its work in attractions like Atlantis Abenteuer at Europa Park (Germany), Transdemonium at Parc Astérix (France) or Gargoyles Battle Magic Ride at Everland (Korea).

At the Euro Attractions Show 2010 in Roma, NewsParcs had the opportunity to meet Anne Walter Koschwitz who has responded to our questions about the actuality of the company.

NewsParcs : Could you tell us the highlights of your company for 2010 ?

Anne Walter-Koschwitz : One of the highlights of this year was the "Eisberg" project for the Vienna Prater. This dark ride was designed with a peaceful interaction concept: It is an interactive ride through Antarctica, where a team of young explorers sets out to document one of Earth's last untouched lands. Equipped with special cameras, guests are in competition to take as many pictures of penguins, arctic wolfs and whales as possible. By taking the pictures, they trigger special effects and surprising actions.

Clostermann achievements for Eisberg. This walrus sprinkles visitors with water!
© Clostermann Entertainment (Click to enlarge)

A W-K : In the last year we have also taken big steps towards becoming an entertainment provider. Besides still providing the services as an entertainment producer, we have developed entertainment concepts for shopping malls and travelling exhibitions, which will give us the chance to grow with our products and keep the values that we produce.

One visible highlight of this development was certainly the premiere of our first travelling exhibition "Bees - Nature's Hidden Heroes" at the Odysseum in Cologne (Germany). For this, we designed and produced various scenic elements such as animatronics, interactive exhibits, models, graphic panels, sound equipments and other decorative elements.

One cannot help but notice that quite some theme parks turn to educational programs, a development that we want to enhance with our products.


  « Bees – Nature’s Hidden Heroes » exhibition.  © Clostermann Entertainment

NP : What are your future projects for 2011 and after ?

A W-K : Right now, we are working on the designs and concepts of some very interesting museum projects that are planned to open in October 2011 and in spring 2012. We are also working on the concepts of our next traveling exhibition about Galactic life and the forces of evolution.

Another concept are our Interactive Shooting Galleries, which we are planning on promoting some more over the next year.

Clostermann offers various interactive shooting galleries with theming as varied as a bacteriological laboratory, a seabed, a house of horror "Eyecatcher", and a classic Wild West! © Clostermann Entertainment (Click to enlarge pictures 3 and 4)

Eyecatcher Shooting Gallery

NP : What are your last products and new developments?

A W-K : We have been intensively absorbed in taking interactivity some steps further. We have found innovative answers to interactivity with the latest theming update of the 5D haunted attraction “The House” and the Jeep Safari Ride that we both presented at EAS this year. Central for this innovation was also our proprietary Modular Shooting System which is a great advancement for interactive rides.

NP : Could you give us more details on this Modular Target System?

A W-K : The Modular Target System is an advanced effects control concept that can be easily adapted to any attractions. Unlike other systems, the effect units of the system work in a decentralized mode. Through this modular assembly, single effects or targets can easily be exchanged, upgraded or integrated into existing attraction..

NP : What could you tell us about the Jeep Safari Ride?

A W-K : The Jeep Safari Ride will also work with this system. It is based on the Fun Car Rides by FAB, where the driver can steer the car  within a rail and determine the speed of the vehicle. Now, other passengers of the ride can target specific scenes in the themed landscapes to trigger special effects and animatronics responses.

The theming is produced by Clostermann Entertainment and can be designed according to customer's wishes, even the shooting system that can be a gun or a camera  What we presented at EAS this year was an Asian Jungle theming that sends guests on an adventurous journey through a jungle of wild tigers, mysterious mountains and fascinating ruins.


Jeep Safari Ride model ar the Euro Attractions Show © Clostermann Entertainment and NewsParcs (Click to enlarge)

NP : You were not at the IAAPA Trade Expo this year?

: No, we have much work, so we decided to skip the IAAPA Trade Expo to focus on our projects and the Euro Attractions Show.

NP : Thank you very much for your answers!

Here finally two additional videos: the first is the animatronic that was on the Euro Attractions Show booth, and the second a making of Gargoyles Battle Magic Ride.


Interview by François Mayné.
: © Clostermann Entertainment
unless otherwise stated.

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Euro Disney and Pierre & Vacances unveil Villages Nature, a new, sustainable resort concept

Update: new concept-arts and maps added at the end of the article

Euro Disney S.C.A. Group (“Euro Disney”) and Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs (“Pierre & Vacances”) are unveiling today their new concept of a vacation destination based on the search for harmony between man and nature. The destination would be, in its design and in its operations, a unique model of sustainable development for tourism at this scale: Les Villages Nature de Val d’Europe (« Villages Nature »).

A message of harmony between Man and Nature
Harmony between Man and Nature is central to the Villages Nature concept. As a mixed‐use resort, Villages Nature will work with visionary landscape architects to develop new lodging and leisure experiences that will provide multiple opportunities for visitors to interact with nature. These activities would be centered on gardening, boating, hiking, horseback riding, visiting an organic farm, walking along discovery paths, and enjoying seasonal festivals and culinary events.

The entire resort will be developed around its iconic 3,500m² geothermal lagoon, and the adjacent water park which will be the largest in Europe.

The Villages Nature site is located 6 Km south of Disneyland Paris, north of the Brie Forest (in French: Brie Boisée), in Seine-et‐Marne. This project, which could span up to 500 hectares (around 1235,5 acres) and be developed over a 20‐year timeframe, will be launched depending on market conditions. The first phase would be comprised of 175 hectares  (around 432 acres) and could open in 2015.

Term vision - © Disney - Click to enlarge

Complementary expertise on a shared project
Euro Disney and Pierre & Vacances have studied together the Villages Nature project. The two Groups have common values and complementary expertise, which serve as the foundation of their partnership.
Villages Nature is a resort concept designed to appeal to European consumers, offering them a unique experience based on connecting with nature. As a short and medium‐break vacation destination, Villages Nature will provide a relaxing and immersive experience in the heart of nature – with 90% of the resort retained as green space. The destination will offer a number of recreational and learning activities that will inspire future generations to value conservation.

For this project, the partners have created a 50/50 joint‐venture, with Companies’ respective CEOs, Gérard Brémond and Philippe Gas, acting as co‐Chairmen of the managing entity, and Dominique Cocquet as General Manager.

A commitment to sustainable development
To develop a Sustainable Action Plan and position Villages Nature as a reference of eco‐tourism in Europe, the partners have been inspired by the "One Planet Living" methodology (www.oneplanetliving.org) developed by BioRegional and WWF International.

The Sustainable Action Plan relies on the following 10 key, measurable targets aimed at reducing as much as possible the destination’s ecological footprint, ensuring social responsibility, and developing synergies with the local communities:

‐ Zero carbon
‐ Zero waste
‐ Sustainable transportation
‐ Local and sustainable materials
‐ Local and sustainable food products
‐ Sustainable water
‐ Natural habitats and wild life
‐ Culture and heritage
‐ Local partnerships and fair trade
‐ Quality of life and well‐being

The two Companies partner with experts to meet the Sustainable Action Plan and implement relevant solutions. For example, the destination’s overall heating needs will be provided by a deep geothermal source. Emanating from 1,800 meters (5 900 feet) under the project site, the 78°C water (172 °F) will be used for heating before it is recycled back into the water table, producing no greenhouse gas emissions.

Geothermal Lagoon - First draft of inspiration. © Disney - Click to enlarge
An opportunity for institutional and individual investors
The first phase of Villages Nature would include the construction of 1,730 apartments or cottages, and measuring between 32 m² (345 ft²) and 85 m² (915 ft²), located within three villages: two villages around the lake and one village in the forest. Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities are also planned, for a total 70,000 m² (around 753,500 ft²) area.

Based on the 40‐year proven real estate development model of Pierre & Vacances, the apartments and cottages would be sold to individual investors as tourism residences (in French : Résidences de Tourisme) while facilities would be sold to institutional investors. The housing units and facilities will be leased and managed by the Villages Nature operating company.

An economic project committed to its region

During various study phases of the project there has been an active dialogue with local stakeholders. Public officials from the local area presented their concerns, and many of their expectations have been considered in the project scope. Both the Seine‐et‐Marne General Council and the Ile‐de‐France Regional Council have voted their support to the project. In the months and years ahead, additional information will be shared and active dialogue will continue with surrounding communities to ensure the project remains well integrated into the community.

Villages Nature will aim to be a strong economic and social contributor to the region. When completed and fully operational, the first phase is expected to generate approximately €7 million in local taxes per year, and create 4,500 jobs, 1,600 of which will be direct. We will proactively work with local, public employment agencies to promote job opportunities for residents, and will reach out to local stakeholders for sourcing and synergies.

Update: Disneyland Paris has published more concept-arts and maps

Zoom on the left part of the project. On the top right, there is the current "Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch" that will still remain open in the future, and on the left, the geothermal lagoon with the water park. (Click to enlarge)

On the map, Disneyland Paris is just above the future site, 6 kilometers away. (Click to enlarge)

Concept-art of the indoor water park (Click to enlarge)


Concept-arts of public areas and lodgings (Click to enlarge)
© Agence d’architectes de Gastines / Agence d’architectes paysagistes Interscène / Agence d’architectes Patriarche & Co / Disney


Vulcania: park attendance up, and two new attractions for 2011

Vulcania, the French amusement park dedicated to the world of volcanos, has a new record attendance this year with 341.000 visitors (+4% compared with 2009). That’s the fourth year in a row that the park increases this number, showing the success of its new development plans.

The park has an annual turnover of almost EUR 9 million (up 8.5%) and claims to have get the benefits of its new rides policy and complete renewal of its scenography.

The park will open two new attractions in 2011.

The first one will be "Mission Toba, a flight over a supervolcano", a new kind of dynamic movie theater created by "Polymorph", "X-Largo" and "Les Crayons". The ride will bring visitors 74000 years ago in Toba, Indonesia, in the center of a supervolcano where they will experience the fury and the devastating power of this amazing natural monster!

Budgeted at EUR 1.6 million, the animated film will be projected onto a 180° screen and on the floor. Visitors will be installed on dynamic platforms in small groups. Image design and special effects will be produced by Polymorph, a French company, which has already collaborated with Alterface for the production of "Mission Ocean" and "Desperados"

Click to enlarge

Here is a description released by the park
Lire phonétiquement

Recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland have focused media attention on volcanism due to the profound effects volcanoes can have on human activities. Yet, Eyjafjallajokull is only one member of a family of terrifying phenomena: supervolcanoes! MISSION TOBA takes visitors on an extraordinary journey through time to one of these supervolcanoes...Transported on a futuristic lift, visitors glide in formation over the Toba region in Indonesia where, 74,000 years ago, a spectacular explosion occurred. To experience this breathtaking flight and discover the force of this eruption, the audience is enclosed in a new auditorium with a 180° screen and projectors in the floor that reinforce the feeling of being immersed in the volcano. During this flight over the Toba region, visitors will be able to appreciate the devastating power of supervolcanoes”.

What is a supervolcano?

Scientists are increasingly interested in supervolcanoes, formations whose unbelievable activity could affect the entire planet. 10,000 more powerful than an ordinary volcano, a supervolcano can emit more than ten billion cubic metres of matter during a single eruption. Today, we have identified a dozen such volcanoes around the world, in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and California, but the most famous one is to be found under Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. If it suddenly woke up, its impact on the planet would be unprecedented, similar to the effect of the Toba supervolcano 74,000 years ago. Its power, according to scientific simulations, would disrupt the Earth’s climate, causing a "volcanic winter" that would probably last several years. In some areas temperatures would drop by 15°C and plants, deprived of sunlight, would be become pale and stunted over several million square kilometres. Some researchers postulate that part of the human population would be wiped out at that point.

The second novelty will be an exhibition "The volcano devils" devoted to the couple of volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft. It will show unreleased footage, personal belongings and testimonials of people who worked or travelled with them during their careers.

Click to enlarge

For the 20th anniversary of their death, Vulcania is paying a special tribute to a unique couple, Maurice and Katia Krafft, who dedicated their lives to volcanism.

The exhibition is designed to reflect a life of enthusiasm, commitment and personal convictions. The legendary couple travelled the world, fascinated by the beauty and fury of volcanoes. During their travels, where they encountered populations living in volcanic areas and exposed to danger on a daily basis, they became committed to studying the most destructive among them, gray volcanoes, for which they risked their lives. Through this exhibition, Vulcania aims to illustrate this realisation and the battle started by the Kraffts to raise awareness among authorities of the need to prevent volcanic risks with one goal in mind: saving lives”.

Maurice and Katia Krafft, wandering volcanologists

They marked the end of the twentieth century with their strong personalities and way of life, their dedication to volcanism and their impelling need to transmit their beliefs. They created, thanks to their passion, thirst for exploration and images, an innovative work in scientific vulgarisation. Volcanologists and photographers, Maurice and Katia Krafft left a unique legacy and an unparalleled library devoted to volcanoes with 300,000 photos, 300 hours of footage, dozens of paintings and watercolours and a host of books. Independent, united in their passion for volcanology, fascinated by the beauty of eruptions, they were present wherever the Earth exploded. On June 3rd 1991 at 3:18 pm they died, swept away by a pyroclastic flow on Mount Unzen, on the island of Kyushu, Japan.

For more details, go to the Vulcania website (available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian)


Disneyland Paris is launching an unprecedented iPhone application

NewsParcs has been invited this Saturday by Disneyland Paris to attend the launch of its first iPhone application. The first tourist destination in Europe (15.4 million visitors last year) would like to improve the visitor experience by providing an interactive guide designed to complement the park maps.

This application was developed internally in a playful and innovation spirit, specific to the brand and Disney products, with a colorful and creative design, that is used in "landscape" mode as a video game! Its contents will be automatically updated and will be adapted to current events such as Halloween or Christmas season.

Primarily dedicated to visitors already in the parks, it will be useful for potential visitors looking for information and preparing a stay.

Indeed, before his visit, the visitors may:

- Get information about the destination (descriptions of the Disney Parks and Hotels) and check opening hours for the parks, attractions, shows, parades, restaurants, shops and services
- Find out the various admission rates to the parks and about special offers, with the possibility of directly contacting our central reservation office to make a booking
- Customise their experience with recommended itineraries according to what they are seeking (thrills or family adventure), and with lots of advice to help get organised once on site
- Watch videos of the latest attractions at the parks

Once on site, using geolocation, visitors may:

- Look up the expected waiting time at attractions in real time
- Organize their schedule by setting alarms that will issue reminders of the times of the shows they want to see- Get their bearings effortlessly using the interactive map which displays all the points of interest, shows, parades, restaurants, shops and services that are nearby.
- Look up useful, fun and entertaining information, including anecdotes about the attractions, provided via augmented reality. Indicated by the 3D symbol (on iPhone 3GS and 4), it shows the parks through the iPhone camera, positioning the points of interest in real-time.
- Find an attraction according to type (thrills, for young children, etc) or a restaurant according to price or category.

Near 250 points of interest have been registered, waiting times are updated continuously and the GPS feature of the iPhone gives you the opportunity to see yourself moving on the park map, with amazing precision!

To illustrate, here are some screenshots (click to enlarge):
The welcome screen when your are on site.
Informations are available for both parks, Disney Village and Disney's Hotels

You can find a point of interests according to what you are looking for.

The GPS helps you to find your way on the map!

You can get more info and details about each rides, shows, restaurants, etc.

In that case, Phantom Manor. You can add the attraction on your personal agenda. 

 You organize your agenda, and will be notified for shows and parades if you asked for.

Via augmented reality, you can find everything you want!

You can even book your tickets for the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show!

We had the opportunity to talk with Nicolas Gougenheim, Operations Optimization Director, and with Thibaut De Saint Martin, Digital Marketing Manager Europe at Disneyland Paris.

NewsParcs: Since when do you work on this project?

Nicolas Gougenheim: It is difficult to say how long... It had been announced earlier this year by our CEO, Mr. Philippe Gas, at the General Assembly. This required at least 8 months of development.

NP: This is not the first attempt at Disneyland Paris in the digital approach?

Thibaut de Saint Martin: Yes, we already had digital information panels in our parks, and had successfully tested the Bluetooth to Walt Disney Studios and a system of Flashcode. These elements have allowed us to understand visitors' needs in terms of information during their visit. We are in a process of innovation, and today we found a quality tool!

NP: At one time, you were reluctant to give the waiting time in this way, right?

NG: I don't think so, the wait time has always been an useful information for our visitors. This is why we installed the digital information panels! It is a very useful data to improve the day of our visitors.

NP: If the application is complete, we note for example that there is no information on the availability of Fast Pass. Will other features be added in the future?

T.D.S.M. : Absolutely, we could describe this first version as a "software driver". We still have points to develop, such as Fast Pass, but also the Disney characters meet & greet. Everything will depend on feedback from visitors!

NP: Exactly how do you plan to measure these feedbacks?

NG: We will of course observe the number of downloads of the application, but also conducted on-line surveys. We will also pay attention to reviews on the Web!

NP: How will you promote this app?

NG We will already do a lot of internal communication to invite our cast members to advise visitors. In the future, the application will also be highlighted on our website and through posters in hotels and guest relations centers.
NP: The application is available in how many languages? And on which kind of iPhone ?

TDSM: Regarding languages, it is available in French and English. We performed tests on the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, including the iPhone EDGE. Other specifications are available at the Apple Store.

NP: The application seems to have been developed with great care for detail, can you tell us more?

TDSM: For example, we centered each point of interest based on its exact location in the park. Big Thunder Mountain, for example, the point is located at the entrance of the attraction. Also, in the "augmented reality", it is impossible for the user not finding what they want! So we created a search engine and a sorting function which allows you to organize and select points of interest based on what is desired (eg children's attractions, Tex-Mex restaurants, etc.).

NP: One last question, is there any plans to create an Android application?

TDSM: Currently, it is not yet scheduled. We focused on the iPhone because it is a cellphone that is widely used today and which has many advantages for geolocation. Android, it will depend on feedback from visitors and demand.

NP: Thank you!

Nicolas Gougenheim, Operations Optimization Director, and Thibaut De Saint Martin, Digital Marketing Manager Europe.

To conclude this article, we will say that we loved it! This application is essential to better organize the day and to not miss the main attractions and shows. It is well done, fast, convenient and accurate, and should satisfy both regulars visitors, and visitors visiting for the first time. Moreover, it is completely free!

Go on iTunes to get more details for the download.


KRAKE: Attack of the giant octopus!

The German amusement park Heide Park has benefited from its last opening weekend before the winter to formally present to the press its great new ride for 2011: a Diving Machine made by Bolliger & Mabillard, second of its kind in Europe and first in Germany.
In front of the park lake, the public was invited to listen a pirate storytelling about a terrible sea monster when, suddenly, one of the boats of the "Der Mississippi-Dampfe" ride has been attacked and virtually "destroyed" in a blaze of fireworks, before that the name KRAKE (means "octopus" in German) is unveiled.

Official presentation of KRAKE to the press (click to enlarge)
With a total investment of 12 million euros, the thematic of KRAKE is focused around a giant octopus that has established itself in the new area "Bay of pirates" . The dark atmosphere will begin in the queue and visitors will be invited to challenge the monster, in a setting inspired by the theme of pirates and a ship destroyed.

The roller coaster layout itself, 476 meters long, will consist of a 41 meters high vertical drop which plunge into a pit (like Oblivion) representing the mouth of the octopus, followed by an underground passage and a landing in a pool of water! Will then follow an Immelmann, a reversal out a half loop before rolling onto itself back down to earth. The tour will conclude with a series of curves and a camelback.

The pit (click to enlarge)

Merlin Entertainments compliments B&M, with project manager Dirk Loppnow explaining they consider the swiss company as the "Ferrari of the roller coaster manufacturers".  KRAKE is the largest investment made in Germany by the group, which opened recently in the United Kingdom Saw: The Ride at Thorpe Park and Th13teen at Alton Towers.

According to Merlin's artistic director, Candy Holland, KRAKE will go into the continuity of development already carried out at Heide Park in recent years with the Maya-Tal area and the Splash Battle Die Bucht der Totenkopfpiraten.

When asked "Why a Diving Machine?", Candy Holland replied with a smile "It's not just a Diving Machine, but a real experience that will be, for its passengers, not only physically but also mentally captivating. They will be like a pirate approaching the plank suspended above the mouth wide open of a terrifying sea monster".

She adds "With a first-class material and attention into the details of the theming, the ride will be unique in Europe, and it a pleasure to work on its design!"

Construction of the water pool (click to enlarge)

The tracks represent the tentacles of the octopus, while the trains will be composed of 3 rows of 6 seats arranged like a staircase, allowing passengers seated in the back row to take advantage as much as others in the drop! Note that the trains will be the less wide in the world, other Diving Machine models offering a row of 8 or 10 seats.

Construction site (click to enlarge)

Several technical details on the huge construction site (10,000 sqm) have also been revealed. KRAKE will require about 50,000 hours of work, 2000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, 150,000 kilograms of steel rods (for ground works), 700 tons of steel (supports, tracks and structures) as well as thousands of screws, nails and nuts to fix all that! Several concrete blocks of 12 tons have already been used to construct the pool of water.
"Only the bravest will survive the attack of an octopus!" You have been warned!
To see the progress of construction, go to: www.heide-park-baublog.de